Thursday, October 25, 2012


I heard an interesting comment several days ago that started the wheels turning in my overactive brain. The person said that if they were to sit down and watch a movie, it needed to provide them with something. Essentially they were saying the movie needed to educate or at least stimulate the brain. Now I consider myself a pretty deep thinker sometimes, and am often drawn to movies that are “thicker” in content, but sometimes I just like to be entertained. The trick is to understand what you’re getting before you drive to the theatre, before you drop a twenty on a pair of tickets (going alone is a last resort) and before you vaporize another twenty on popcorn and goodies.


Being a fan of Kevin James from King of Queens, I recently went to see his latest movie, BRING ON THE BOOM. If I had to evaluate this film based on its intellectual merits, I’d have to give it a 2 out of 5 stars. Maybe 1 ½. But that’s not why I went to see it. I went to this show to give my mind a break, to escape in mindless entertainment. And I have to say, Mission Accomplished! If I were grading strictly on whether it was a fun movie that lived up to my expectations, I’d give it 4 ½ out of 5. It wasn’t GOOD WILL HUNTING because I didn’t expect it to be. Kevin James made me laugh—and sometimes that’s all I need.


(FYI—Bas Rutten, an actual retired UFC fighter was hysterical as Kevin’s trainer)


I’ve included a list of my top ten “mindless” movies. Let me know your thoughts about what you like to see at the theatre, or your opinion on my list.

1)    Dumb and Dumber  (the name says it all but it’s a guilty pleasure)

2)    Ace Ventura (“three darts is too many!”)

3)    Armageddon (any movie that leads out with a ZZ-Top song is good by me)

4)    Liar Liar (Can you tell I like Jim Carrey?)

5)    Independence Day (Will Smith and Aliens? Bring on the jujube’s)

6)    Bring on the Boom (this one’s new on the list)

7)    The Pirate’s of the Caribbean series (Captain Jack Sparrow—what a great movie name played by an equally unique actor)

8)    The Avengers (The Hulk was the BOMB!)

9)    John Carter in 3-D (Sci-Fi from way back)

10)                       The STAR TREK movies from the original series (Okay, it’s out. I’m a Trekky)

All I need now is a tub of buttered popcorn. (Don’t  tell my cardiologist)