Saturday, April 6, 2013


To this day, at 48 years-129 days-and 42 seconds old, wait. . . 43 . . .44 . . .Oh! Never mind. My point is, to this day, one of my greatest accomplishments has been to finish my first novel. I even went so far as to spend a few years rolling it through edits, THEN even published it. Wohoooo! It was a great feeling. But that feeling has faded to black. I’m working on a new book now, and am failing miserably in getting to the finish line. As a matter of fact, I can’t even see the finish line.

So today, class, the lesson is about finishing.

Repeat after me: I WILL FINISH ____________

You fill in the blank with whatever project has you stuck.

And since the internet has taken us to an international scale, I’ve compiled a list of languages translating the above sentence. See if yours is in the list.

French—je vais finir

German—i wird beendet

Swedish—vag kommar att avsluta

Spanish—voy a terminar

Danish—jeg vil slutte

Swahili—i atamaliza

Redneck—git er done

If I didn’t include yours, it’s because I’m not intelligent enough to make my computer translate the different letter characters yet. Maybe next time.

Whatever you are working on, repeat the above phrase as often as necessary to do the job. Push forward. Use whatever motivation needed; rewards can’t hurt.

Translations provided by

*Except the last one which was provided by Larry the Cable Guy*





Jan Newman said...

I will if you will! Je vais finir si vous vais finir.

Man O' Clay said...

Yes! I love it!

I will finish my second book, too! I've set, and so far been keeping, the small goal of a page a day, or 20 minutes.

It's enough to keep me rolling, and I don't get bogged down either.

Keep it up!

roland martinez said...

Cool! I saw a great post on finishing a couple of days ago:

Good luck getting #2 done. I'll be stopping by in the future I'm sure so keep us posted. I'd like to check it out when it's done!

Dishit D said...

This is inspiring...Hopefully I can finish one novel in my lifetime..

Zoe said...

I too seem to be stuck. Currently in editing which was addressed on "E" Day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Happy writing and blogging to you too. MoonWynd