Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A few days ago, I began posting about our journey to leave Southeast Texas and travel the states. I’ve decided to change up the format a bit and give you a little information every post about our present location and weather conditions—after all, one of our major complaints with SE Texas was the hot humid conditions. Oh, and let’s not forget the smell of the local refineries and paper mills.

Oct. 7 2015 in Longview, WA
Current temp is 57 with rain

Now back to our trip getting here. When we finally made it across the HUGE state of Texas, we took the back roads of southwest Oklahoma to the town of Anadarko—self proclaimed Indian capitol of the nation. If you want to learn a little about Native American culture and heritage, this is a good place to start. There are museums, artistry, and artifacts. During the eighties oil boom, Anadarko went from a population of 5000 or so, to something double that, and that number may be low depending on when you took the census. But the oil boom is long gone so Anadarko is like a lot of small towns in this country; considered home for some, a pass through on the map for others. I graduated High School there and still have family members who reside there, including my mother who is joining us for a few weeks on the early part of our US journey.

I wish I could fill in another paragraph or two about the great things we saw on the road north towards Kansas, but I can’t. Maybe if we had gone farther east to Tulsa or at least to Lake Tenkiller I could have provided some nice pictures. Driving north through Oklahoma City straight up I-35 toward Wichita Kansas you see mainly farm land or grassy rolling hills. Oklahoma City has done a lot to revitalize its downtown area with lots of fun things to do, but driving through does little to keep your senses occupied. We were just making miles to get from one place to another.

If you’re wondering why we went north through Oklahoma and Kansas to get to Washington, stay tuned.

Thanks for traveling with us today. Watch that first step getting out of the truck.

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Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Fascinating! Hope your mom had a great time. Ask her if she knows my friend, author Anna Kittrell in Anadarko. :)