Monday, March 26, 2012

BLOOD BIAS Available! More info Here

Over the past five years, many thoughts have gone through my mind about what it would be like to see BLOOD BIAS in print. Well, the day has come. Good, bad, or somewhere in the middle, the book is available. I really wanted to have the print and digital copies available at the same time, but life seldom works out in the fashion we anticipate. As a matter of fact, this whole self publishing thing has taken longer than I thought. The truth is, within a matter of several days, you can self publish a book on Kindle or Nook, but a print book is a whole other cat. And to work with a company that is working with literally hundreds of books at a time? Whewww!

But back to the main point. Drum roll please.

BLOOD BIAS is now available at, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles. As I said, it is available in print at this time (or as a PDF download at Booklocker) but will be available for Kindle, Nook, I-pad and I-phone within the next two weeks. I will update with news about that when it arrives. But for now, for everyone who has waited patiently though this process, the time is now. But before you search the sites for your copy—it’s hard for me to sign a digital copy, by the way—let me educate you on how this works for me as the writer. As the author, I am paid a royalty on each book sold. So let me say straight up, this not about the money. I am about building a fan base for future books. But let’s not put money in the pockets of those who have done nothing to earn it. is the best bet for me. You will get your copy the quickest, and I make the most royalty. They are the publisher, so they get their share. I am the author, so I get my cut. If you purchase from Amazon or B&N or any other site, more hands are put in the middle. There’s one other thing. On the home page of, there is a listing of the top sellers. I want to be on that list. So help me out.

And I need REVIEWS after you read it. So I’m going to offer a surprise gift to the first person who comments on BLOOD BIAS either on Amazon, or at this blog, or any other site that sells the book. You can comment on Amazon even if you don’t buy it from them. And just to be fair, I’ll offer one gift to a friend or family member, and one to the first total stranger that posts a review of the book. Uhhhh, by the way, you HAVE to post something that tells me you actually read the book. Just so you know. I’m not handing out a thousand dollar---okay, hundred dollar---okay, at least twenty dollar gift, to someone who didn’t read the book.

Thanks for all the wonderful support so far. Happy reading.


Jess said...

You're hilarious! Okay, you left me out. I'm not a stranger and I'm not family. :/

Jess said...

Uh oh, my bad. You DIDN'T leave me out-I read too fast. I am a friend, right?

Damyanti said...

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