Monday, April 2, 2012

A for Attitude

A perfect way to get someone’s attention is to show some ATTITUDE. I don’t mean the self righteous, nose in the air, I’m better than you, attitude. What I’m talking about is a confident attitude. Just as a football player must carry somewhat of a chip on their shoulder, we as writers must do the same. Do not go quietly into the night. Research, study, look for every opportunity to acquire knowledge about the art of writing, then show some attitude when you write. What is your attitude? Everyone is different. I know what you’re thinking. “Aren’t you talking about voice?” The answer is no—and yes. Your voice is a distinctive feel evident in your writing. Every writer needs to develop this, given the stiff competition out there, or else suffer the drudgery of mediocrity. People need to know it’s you when you write. Think about your favorite authors, what it is that you like about them. If you give it serious consideration, you’ll discover a pattern in their writing; their voice. But you have to take the next step. Sit down and write and develop an attitude that says, “I can publish this. I will find a way!”


Jan Rider Newman said...

Agree. :) Good post.

Iliadfan said...

I was also thinking "Isn't that voice?" until you defined the difference. :) Great post!