Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Letter M

M is for Music

I’m going to veer off the highway of writing for a day and take a pit stop at a place known as Musicland. I love music, and have a wide variety of likes and dislikes. One of the newer artists I like? Adele. What a voice, and the songs she sings seem to touch a nerve. That’s what you want out of music. When I was growing up in the late seventies, the Bee-Gees were my guys. In high school, rock bands like Foreigner, and Styx, and the J-Giles band kept the speakers popin’. Kenny Rogers has always been on the top of my list. Who can forget the Gambler and Lady? I even had an album (that’s the big round black disc that made sound when you spun it under an amplified needle) of the soundtrack from The Empire Strikes Back. I used to sit and listen to the musicians build to a fantastic crescendo as I pictured Luke and Darth Vader battle it out. Movie producers aren’t dumb. They use music to manipulate our emotions during a movie. You think you would cry at a sad scene if not for the well timed music coming out of the fourteen speakers around you? Maybe—but maybe not. The thing is; music is important in our lives. We link memories in our lives to songs from the past. We even have a special song at our wedding.

My stepson is a very talented musician in college. I hope he works hard at his dream and is one day able to share his passion with others. I’ve always been envious (in a good way) of musicians and artists. But I think I have my own passion in writing and am already getting the rewards of sharing that with others.

What song brings back memories for you?


Cherie Reich said...

Adele's awesome! And I like listening to some movie soundtracks because I can see the movie playing in my mind. :)

Jan Rider Newman said...

Music is a passion of mine too. After a long drive to Crested Butte, CO, one year I sat in a restaurant with a speaker above and behind me. The theme from Out of Africa was playing, and I had to move because I couldn't stop crying. Seems silly, but the music literally went through me and pushed all my weary buttons!

Ash N. Finn said...

I like your style! Have always loved music (so keep encouraging your stepson). For me a song that brings back special memories is the song "I'll Sail This Ship Alone" by the Beautiful South. Ah, that brilliant holiday in France. Didn't even realise I had a tape of "Carry on up the Charts" with me until we got bored with the one and only tape the designated driver had on him. Stuck it in on the drive to Carcassonne and never stopped playing it during the remainder of our travels. Sunshine, le mistral, wine, the most wonderful food, laughter, flirting, and all round happiness is what I have associated with this song ever since.