Sunday, April 15, 2012

A-Z Letter N

N is for Numb

I know this may seem like an odd word for a writing blog, but hang with me here. My wife and I just returned home from seeing the movie, The Hunger Games. I have read the book, she hasn’t had the opportunity. My thing from the beginning of reading the book, and something that carried through as I watched the movie, is whether we, as a future society, would sit back and allow such a “Show” to go on? I personally can’t believe--even in a post-apocalyptic environment--that we would allow ourselves to be subjected to such a spectacle and be forced to accept it as rule. Two things that struck me here; one being the fact that this was the 73rd or other Hunger Games. So this society has let their children kill each other year after year with no conscience. The other thing is, the central character, Katniss, at least in the book, never really seems more than mildly disturbed about the State of her people, or the inhumanity of the games until her sister is called out. She wants to survive but doesn’t seem real concerned with how wrong all of it is.

I know what you’re saying—“This is just a work of fiction”, which is very true, but with the popularity of the books and now the movie, I’m curious to know mankind’s viewpoint on the subject. My wife seems to think that we are headed for a society that would openly accept this kind of “game” in the future because people have become numb to death and the idea of killing another human being. Her point is evident in video games, the popularity of full contact fighting, and in YouTube videos being viewed by the thousands due to their violent content. Reality shows seem to make it a point to see how mean we can be to each other.

Maybe my wife is right, but I for one refuse to accept that there is no hope for a better future than the one we have now, and that our children and grandchildren are doomed to a world of hatred and cruelty. I know we see a lot of that on TV and on the internet, but there is also a lot of caring, and helping others, and forgiving. I refuse to be numb.

What do you think?


GLBT Promo said...

There will always be cruelty, because humans can be cruel. There's no sense in believing that we can live in a cruelty free world. It's in our DNA to be mean to each other.

Having said that, Hunger Games is a work of fiction, and frankly, books that only focus on sunshine and flowers don't appeal to everyone. People are drawn to cruelty.

Sad? Maybe, but true.

(Monsters can be mean to humans too. So humans aren't alone in that.)

Jolie du Pre
Precious Monsters

Cherie Reich said...

Well, considering we've allowed such contests to be done in the past (thinking of ancient Rome and further back), then I can't say that we wouldn't do it again.

Grammy said...

Hi, think on this.... In Rome during the first century, Christians were clothed in rags and furs, like animals, and put into the arena in the Coliseum, and the Roman citizens roared while the lions ate the Christians. Mob rule has been prevalent through the ages. Nothing has changed when you consider the depravity of people wanting to be "entertained". Consider some of the reality shows... do people enjoy seeing each other in pain? Thank about it, and then ask, "Could these games really take place?"
Well, I reckon so.

James R Tate said...

All very good points! Thanks for the comments. By the way, my writing has a tendency to have a dark side as well. No sunshine and flowers on my end.

Jess said...

Sorry James. I'm inclined to agree with your wife. Our country--our world--has become a truly frightning place.