Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z answer Questions-chance to win a copy of my book

Q is for Questions

I’ve decided, with
this blog about the letter Q, to poll my viewing audience. I know you weren’t
expecting a quiz, but I promise this one will be easy. If you come across a
question that is too difficult, just glance over the shoulder of the person
sitting next to you. There really is no right or wrong answer. So why take the
test? Just admit that now you’re curious about what I’m going to ask and let’s
move on.

First Question:
Have you written a book or novella you are trying to sell? See, this is easy.

Second Question:
Did you self publish?

Third Question:
How long has it been available and how are sales? Not trying to get personal
here. A simple-Lousy or Super or anything in between will do.

Fourth Question:
What has been your best marketing tool so far?

Question Five:
What would you have done differently if you had a time machine? (concerning
your publishing, not who you married or whether you would have put down that
five thousand dollar bet at the craps table)

And finally: If
you are not published, do you have something in the works and what genre is it?

Thanks for Playing.
The most creative comment will win a free copy of my murder/Mystery BLOOD BIAS
if you’re interested.


Jessica said...

First Question:
Why, yes. How'd you know?

Second Question:
Thinking about it. What psychic powers have I stumbled upon??

Third Question:
Um, it hasn't. Based on question 2, you see.

Fourth Question:
I'm thinking...yeah, I got nothing on this one, either.

Question Five:
I would have started looking a lot sooner.

And finally: Yes, I have something in the works. A lot of somethings. Most significantly: a satirical fantasy in the vein of Terry Pratchett.

Nice quiz. I'll happily come back for more.

A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

Nancy Thompson said...

1. Yes

2. No, I'll be traditionally published in October.

3. It'll be available as a trade paperback or an ebook in all the usual places, but not until October 18th, so no sales yet.

4. My blog, my publisher, and Twitter

5. As difficult and long as it was, I wouldn't do anything different. I learned to much along the way.

6. Even though I will be published soon, I'm still working on my second novel, a sequel. Both books are adult psychological thrillers.

I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Nice to meet you, James!

Gina said...

1. Well, yes I have.

2. I was traditionally published on January 2011.

3. I only know through my royalty checks. Let's just say that what I'm raking here, it isn't money. Yet.

4. Facebook, my blog, and my publisher. I tried Oprah but she's still mad at me for refusing to be interviewed.

5. Maybe I would've accepted Oprah's interview. Wait, nah!

6. I'm now working on a mystery based on the legend of Dighton Rock in Plymouth, Ms.

Did I pass? I sure hope so, you see, on question number 5 the girl next to me wrote 'I don't know' and I was about to write 'Me neither' but that would've given me away. Aren't I so clever??

Jess said...

What fun comments on this quiz!
I don't think I could top these. :)